June 2, 2018

campari and soda in bottles

Campari and Soda

History Of Campari Campari and soda are perfect together. Campari is a bitter and sweet amaro characterized by its dark red colour. This interesting liqueur is an alcoholic apéritif created from the infusion of select herbs and fruit in a alcohol and water bath. The concentration of alcohol in this aperitif varies from country to country, …

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bocce ball orange amaretto

Bocce Ball

The Traditional Old Italian Bocce Ball We say this is the traditional drink of old Italians. That isn’t the case everywhere. We just see old Italian guys drinking these simple cocktails while tossing a bocce ball into a sandy pit. A great summer sipping beverage intended to be enjoyed while with friends, or enemies. The …

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orange blossom pink cocktail

Orange Blossom

What Is An Orange Blossom Cocktail There are two versions of the Orange Blossom according to The Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book, one neat and one on the rocks. In the 1935 book A.S. Crockett says that the Orange Blossom No. 1 (neat) was likely created by “some young bridegroom who wanted something novel to use …

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moscow mule in copper mug with lime wedge garnish

Moscow Mule

What Is The Moscow Mule The Moscow Mule was vodka’s breakout cocktail. Professional bartenders may not have liked making these ginger-based cocktails due to short supplies of great ginger beer, but the recipe is so easy and drink very refreshing. If you need a cocktail with a bit of kick, a mule is where it’s …

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melon ball in cocktail glass no garnish

Melon Ball

How To Make A Melon Ball The Melon Ball is usually prepared as a delicious, fruity vodka shooter. The uniqueness of this shot is the melon liqueur. If you are looking for a decent melon liqueur to work with, Midori is a good choice. In the expansive choice of shooters, this is one of the …

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