June 6, 2018

Añejo Highball

History Of The Añejo Highball: Not every bartender will know the Añejo Highball. This rum and ginger beer cocktail one of the greatest new cocktails that could almost be considered a modern classic. A riff on the Mule, Dale Degroff is credited as the bartender/mixologist that created this fantastic cocktail in the early 90′s and is considered to be one of the …

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amarosa cocktail in highball glass on ice with straw and lemon garnish

Amarosa Cocktail

History Of The Amarosa Cocktail The Amarosa Cocktail was invented in the 1930′s by H. Losappio.  This gin-based cocktail is a bitter and complicated cocktail, created during in a part of the world famous for their amaros. Italian bartenders have been serving up Campari and Aperol spritzers for centuries now. Afternoon guests may not always want an espresso, …

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lemon drop cocktail vodka lemon triple sec

Lemon Drop Cocktail

The lemon drop cocktail is a very sweet and sour cocktail.  It became popular around the 70′s in California.  Today, the lemon drop cocktail or martini is one of western Canada and USA‘s favourite drinks. Where the Lemon Drop Cocktail Came From The drink was created at a now long passed bar once called Henry Africa’s in San Francisco USA.  The creator of this cocktail was a …

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