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6 Reasons Why to Start Bartending - Fine Art Bartending

6 Reasons To Start Bartending

If you are thinking of how to start bartending, keep in mind that the cost of bartending school pales in comparison to how much money can be made. At less than $25/hour for training at a reputable bartending school, it’s a great return on your investment. That just can’t be said of pretty much every other profession! Talk to those friends with a degree, or even a hair dressing certification.

#1 – Massive Return On a Career Investment

A Bartender in a great establishment can make $200-$300 per night in tips plus an hourly wage (probably minimum wage). Starting a bartending career in an entry-level type bartending job at a slower pub, or catering company is going to make AT LEAST $80 a night in tips, plus your hourly wage of $12 per hour. In a 6 hour (average) shift, at an entry-level bartending job your making about $25 per hour, in a high end bartending job, closer to $50 per hour. And, of course, it’s all cash.

Training Does Help!

You could end up in a great, high-end bartending job right out of bartending school. We know it does happen, but the challenge is learning all the little things. No one has time to spend dozens of hours training you. Consider working an “entry-level” bartending job for 3-6 months, and then get a bartending certificate to round out your resume. Your experience and training will help you in landing a job at a place where you can make higher tips.

Bartending School is cheap and only 2 weeks of your time. With the income potential, even at an entry-level job, you can pay off the tuition in a week of work or less. You can end up making more money per hour than the friend of yours that just spend 4 years and $40,000 on university. Ask that friend that forked out more than $7,000 for haircutting school too. Education and training can be expensive, but most training at bartending schools in Canada just aren’t!

#2 The Satisfaction of Hands On Work

There is something satisfying about creating beautiful cocktails on a daily basis. Artists know this satisfaction. Craftsmen and construction workers also know what we mean. As a bartender, you create tasty beverages that your customers instantly reward you for.

A great bartending school can coach you on how to make that customer experience memorable, while maintaining proper bottle holding and drink mixing techniques. You cant learn to be a smooth confident bartender at home standing behind your kitchen sink, reading cocktail books & watching videos online. The best way to learn anything is to do it, over and over, in different scenarios, and of course with the right equipment. It helps to have an experienced instructor keeping a close eye on your progress and correcting any mistakes as you go. That’s what we offer at Fine Art Bartending School. Hands-on learning, behind our bar, with the right equipment & experienced instructors.

#3 – Bartending Is A Social Job

Meet new people and interact in a social atmosphere. There is no better job than bartending for meeting every different personality this world has to offer. Every day is a new adventure with new customers. You will meet new people in your bartending school class and on the job. Are you looking to expand your social circle? Fine Art Bartending School will definitely help you out with that! Bartending is also a great way to meet anybody you are looking to meet, network for your other projects. You will be amazed who you might meet when standing behind a bar. Every day will bring a new group of people into your establishment with opportunity for you to interact with them in a fun relaxed atmosphere.

#4 – Start Bartending to create a Flexible Job

Want to work full time? No problem. Want to work part time, & go to school, keep a day job etc.? Bartending might just be the perfect part-time job. Bartending offers flexible hours, and you could work lunch shifts, evening shifts, or into the wee hours of the morning.

#5 – Traveling to Enhance your Bartending Career

Making cocktails will always make you money. Bartenders use their skills to travel the world. Many of our students have gone on bartend in Australia, Cayman Islands, Europe & Asia. There are Fine Art Bartending School graduates working just about everywhere you can think of. Bartenders are needed everywhere and each place allows you to build additional knowledge. It’s a skill you can take with you wherever you go. All of our instructors have experience bartending overseas, ask them how they did it!

#6 – Bartending Is A Skill That Will Always Come In Handy

Once you start bartending, then you will continue to bartend all throughout your life. The skills you develop will never go to waste. At any house party, you can go into any liquor cabinet and put together a drink, or two, that will impress your guests. And of course, you can always make a nice cocktail for yourself. Once a bartender, always a bartender!

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