Know your bar layout. Learn the brands on your backbar so you know what you have to upsell to. Your well will typically have the spirits on the right hand side and the mixes on the left. This arrangement of bottles is what we have at our Vancouver location of Fine Art Bartending… but wherever you are there should be a similar setup.

What’s In Your Well?

The bottles in your well will likely be organized logically. Your best selling spirits will be on the rightmost side. Common liqueurs like Triple Sec might be moved from the backbar to your well if you have space. We have our blended Scotch on the backbar because we’re squeezed for space in our well.

Your bar equipment is everything you see in this picture below. Keep your bar area organized and tidy. This station could use a little more tidying up. Make sure your bar equipment is always clean. Never leave that ice scoop in the ice. We all know bartenders hands are touching everything, so we don’t want that dirty scoop handle polluting our fresh ice. Keep it clean people!

Know your Backbar Brands and Bottles

Your backbar at Fine Art Bartending looks like so. Before test day, ask yourself what flavours are each of the liqueurs. What cocktails do they go in. Also…

  • Know your premium from your well brands
  • Know your whiskies. What are some brands of blended scotch? Which are your Single Malt Scotch Whiskies?

Study all your flashcards. Know the content in the section reviews. Memorize your backbar. Have a look at the BC Liquor Stores website or walk in and check out all the bottles they have on the shelves. Bring a notepad and put together a list of questions for us. We’re constantly learning new things too, and there are regularly new products on the shelves. Private liquor stores can have additional products you don’t find anywhere else. Keep on researching!!

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