The Golden Cadillac

The Golden Cadillac is a great blend of vanilla, chocolate and cream… and they go down dangerously fast. If you’re a fan of sweet things, like ice cream, then this is

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hobby bar in a garage

Learn Bartending as a Hobby

Knowing how to make a great cocktail is something everyone should know. When we’re talking cocktails, something more than a standard screwdriver of course. Bartending is a profession that does

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bartending in Vancouver

Graduates Bartending in Vancouver!

This spring has been a great one for students coming through our commercial bartending course and getting jobs. There aren’t too many careers out there where just two weeks of

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vancouver fathers day

Father’s Day Gift Idea

Treat your Dad to a Bartending Class Father’s Day is coming up quick. Usually there is a bit of a scramble the week beforehand to find something suitable as a

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gin cocktail on red napkin

The Bramble

Gin and Sweet Citrus with a Touch of Tart The Bramble cocktail is a perfect cocktail for any occasion. Think of summer barbecues, fancy dinner parties, or even a night

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whiskey sour cocktail ingredients

The Whisky Sour, or Whiskey Sour

Whiskies Can Be Spelled Differently Whiskey or Whisky? In Canada, and most of the rest of the world we spell whisky without an ‘e’ before the ‘y’. Depending on if

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how to store wine in cellar

How To Store Wine

What Should You Consider When Storing Wine? Wine is alive. Being as this fermented beverage is alive, it reacts either positively or negatively to its environment. How wine is stored

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blue hawaii by the pool

The Blue Hawaii and Blue Hawaiian

The Blue Hawaii The Blue Hawaii goes back to the 1950’s and is a cocktail created by a bartender and Bing Crosby fan. Harry Yee was the renowned bartender for

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4 coupe glasses with bartender behind bar

Bartending & Traveling

Bartending & Traveling One of the most exciting things about being a bartender is that the skills you have learned can be used in every country in the world. Bartending

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long island iced tea easy coke

Long Island Iced Tea

A Rowdy and Boisterous Cocktail The Long Island Iced Tea has it’s roots set all the way back in the early 1920’s… Prohibition Days. This was a cocktail mixed up

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Alabama Slammer

What is an Alabama Slammer? The Alabama Slammer is not a jail in the south, it is an cocktail invented at the University of Alabama way back in 1975. Also known as a the

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