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Blogging From Behind the Bar

Beer Cocktail

Really, a beer cocktail? Beer can have a few modifications done to it as well. We know there are a pile of different beers out there, but sometimes your guests just aren’t in the mood for a beer by itself. Over the course of your serving, or drinking, career you have probably encountered some odd... Read more

Lemon Drop Cocktail

The¬†lemon drop¬†cocktail is a very sweet and sour¬†cocktail. ¬†It became popular around the 70‚Ä≤s in¬†California. ¬†Today, the lemon drop¬†cocktail¬†or¬†martini¬†is one of western Canada and¬†USA‚Äės favourite drinks. Where the Lemon Drop Cocktail Came From The drink was created at a now long passed bar once called¬†Henry Africa‚Äôs¬†in¬†San Francisco USA.¬† The creator of this cocktail was a... Read more


History Of The Margarita¬†Cocktail The margarita¬†has had its’ ups and downs in popularity. Tequila continues to be one of the most misunderstood of all spirits. The spirit has been with us in Canada for only a little more than half a century. We have have what appears to be infinite variations of Tequila. Tequila shot... Read more

The Slow Screw (aka: Sloe Screw)

The Sloe Screw, also conveniently misspelled as a Slow Screw, is a fun little cocktail. The reason for the semi inappropriate name of the drink comes from the fact that the drink uses a healthy dose of Sloe Gin. Adding that sloe-berry flavoured gin to your standard vodka and orange screwdriver, and you have a... Read more

Porn Star Cocktail

The Porn Star cocktail can be served in a highball glass or as a different type of martini. This recipe is also popularly served as a shot. We will cover both options here, since we do cover both recipes in our bartending classes. There are a couple conflicting recipes on the web, but the traditional... Read more

Cherry Hooker

History Of The Cherry Hooker¬†Cocktail: The Cherry Hooker has a bit of a lewd name for a cocktail. This of course isn’t much different than the name of the Porn Star cocktail or the variety of shots a nightclub might put on special. There doesn’t seem to be much of a history for this cocktail,... Read more

What is a Highball?

What A Highball Actually Is Most people don’t know that 90% of all the drinks actually mixed are¬†highballs.¬†Rum and coke,¬†Scotch and Soda, Gin & Tonic, Vodka and Seven, Rye and Ginger. A Highball is any cheap well spirit, plus an inexpensive mix from your pop gun. These drinks are designed to be high profit margin... Read more

The Tequila Sunrise Cocktail

This is another great morning cocktail recipe or great for brunches and is on of my personal favourites because of the sweetness of the drink. The grenadine wakes you up with a sugar rush while the orange juice helps your toast and cheerios go down better with an Advil or two.  I first discovered this wonderful cocktail recipe in Acapulco a few years back. In talking to the... Read more

The Scooby Snack Cocktail

The Scooby Snack is a strange cocktail. Rumoured to be created on a dare by a couple of bartenders in the midwest, this tasty cocktail keeps you coming back again and again for another. Do you remember those days of the gang in the Mystery Machine being chased by campy ghosts and obvious villains? Scooby... Read more

Bloody Mary and Bloody Maria

Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe And History The Bloody Mary cocktail was invented in the 1920′s by an American bartender.  At Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, a man named Fernand Petiot apparently came up with the concoction.  This tomato based drink was originally only a cocktail of vodka and tomato juice in equal parts. Back in the 1930′s. Petiot wanted to remove... Read more

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