About Us:
Fine Art Bartending School was established in 1972, with the goal of providing the best possible training for anyone looking to enter the hospitality industry. Now with 9 locations across Canada, we have grown into Canada’s largest and most well respected Bartending School.

Our grads get hired!!!

2 Week Bartending Course:
Our Commercial Bartending Course is an 8 day, hands on training course, where you train behind real bars, with the best instructors in the city. Fine Art will get you Fully Certified. After you complete our program you will receive the:

Fine Art Commercial
Bartending Certificate
BC Government Serving
it Right Licence

Class Schedule:
We offer day, evening and weekend classes!

8 Day Program


Day 1Course Introduction, Bar Layout, Essential Equipment & Glassware, Pouring Techniques, Basics of Whiskey, Whiskey Cocktails
Day 2Basics of Gin & Martini cocktails Advanced Customer Service Ways to Increase your sales & Tips
Day 3Basics of Vodka & Vodka Cocktails Becoming more efficient, Increasing your speed
Day 4Basics of Tequila & Tequila Cocktails Hot Drinks, Basics of Rum & Rum Cocktails, Practice efficiency techniques
Day 5Basics of Liqueurs, Liqueur Cocktails, Basics of Brandy & Cognac, Serving it Right
Day 6Beer & Wine Seminar
Day 7How to get the job you want, Resumes, Shooters, Various Techniques.
Day 8Review & Evaluation

Class Schedule:
We start new day & evening classes every 2 weeks. We start new weekend classes every 4 weeks.

To see our upcoming class schedule, or enroll online go to

We have a very practical & fun approach to our course. You will spend about 75% of your time behind the bar, making drinks, learning how to multitask, interact with customers, and sell alcohol. Managers love hiring our grads because they can sell & increase the bottom line.

At the end of our 8 day program, you will be amazed at how good you are behind the bar. Our course will give you confidence to go get hired and start making money right away.


DayMon-Thurs (2 wks)12pm - 4pm
NightMon-Thurs (2 wks)6pm - 10pm
WeekendSaturdays (4 wks)11am - 5pm