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Learn Bartending as a Hobby

Knowing how to make a great cocktail is something everyone should know. When we’re talking cocktails, something more than a standard screwdriver of course. Bartending is a profession that does take some time to master! The general consuming public that is just interested in how to make a great cocktail can also learn those essential... Read more

Recycle Your Corks!

Cork is an amazing natural material. With all the effort that a tree puts into creating the spongy bottle stopper it’s a shame to simply toss that cork in the garbage after opening a bottle. There are options to give that cork a second life though through cork recycling programs. What is Cork Recycling? Recycling... Read more

Graduates Bartending in Vancouver!

This spring has been a great one for students coming through our commercial bartending course and getting jobs. There aren’t too many careers out there where just two weeks of schooling can land you a decent paying job. Bartending in Vancouver is fun, and a very fun industry where students just like you can get creative... Read more

Father’s Day Gift Idea

Treat your Dad to a Bartending Class Father’s Day is coming up quick. Usually there is a bit of a scramble the week beforehand to find something suitable as a gift for Dad. Mother’s Day is always good for brunch. With Father’s Day only a month afterwards, you can’t do the same thing again. You... Read more

All Hail The Caesar

Canada’s National Cocktail, the Caesar Invented in Calgary in 1969, the Caesar is Canada’s most popular cocktail, with 350 million Caesars consumed annually. It’s our favourite brunch cocktail, and a reliable hangover cure. This clam tomato based cocktail is also a preferred aperitif, a standby nightcap and an almost-guilt-free meal replacement. A tasty alternative to... Read more

Exploring The Hopscotch Festival

Learn About all Types of Spirits The Hopscotch Festival has been going for two decades now in Vancouver. What does that mean for you? More exhibitors, more products, more whiskies, and more people. Each year the event becomes a bit more elaborate. Last year was over 65 booths and more than 250 products to taste.... Read more

Exploring the Made With Love Cocktail Competition – Vancouver

In the past, the annual Made With Love Cocktail Competition was held at The Roundhouse in Yaletown. Made With Love holds cocktail competitions for the top bartenders all across Canada. Winners from Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City, Calgary & Vancouver square off head to head in each city, then the winners move on to compete in the... Read more

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