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Types of Bartenders

How to Become A Bartender

So you are wondering how to become a bartender… Bartending has to be one of the most fun jobs in the world. We have our reasons. As a bartender, you offer up a product that customers crave. So how does someone get started? Research! Now this isn’t just spending a few hours searching the internet... Read more

Have Fun as an Event Bartender

Weddings and Parties Always Need a Private Event Bartender? Are you great at promoting and presenting yourself in a clean crisp, professional manner? Look at landing a job at a private party as an event bartender. If the nightclub scene is too much for you, dealing with a few happy customers at a wedding or... Read more

Get Crafty as a Cocktail Bartender

Seeking a career as a Craft Cocktail Bartender? Do you enjoy fresh fruits, flowers, other exotic ingredients? Are you detail oriented and picky about the perfectness of every aspect of your drink? Craft cocktails might just be your calling, especially if you enjoy crafting cocktails for each guest! Ever wonder how or why restaurants come up with... Read more

Start Late as a Nightclub Bartender

Becoming a Nightclub Bartender Takes Time So you wanna be a Nightclub Bartender….   Do you enjoy big crowds, loud music, perform well under pressure and good at handling money?  Then the Nightclub business is definitely for you!  Bartenders are required to have an extensive knowledge of highballs, cocktails, shooters and even beer. The business... Read more

Become a Restaurant Bartender

How to become a Fine Dining Restaurant Bartender Love Food, Drinks, People and Customer Service? Join us at Fine Art Bartending and in two weeks we can put you through our comprehensive bartending course. Vancouver definitely has the appetite for great service and the restaurant and bar industry is just waiting for you! Most prospective... Read more

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