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Fun Cocktail Recipes

The Golden Cadillac

The Golden Cadillac is a great blend of vanilla, chocolate and cream… and they go down dangerously fast. If you’re a fan of sweet things, like ice cream, then this is the cocktail for you. Use the herbal Italian vanilla liqueur known as Galliano. Typically you would find Galliano going in a Wallbanger or a Bartender’s... Read more

The Bramble

Gin and Sweet Citrus with a Touch of Tart For those of you looking for yet another gin and juice cocktail to sip and enjoy year round, the Bramble might be the ticket. This classic cocktail originated in the UK and was intended to be just a summer sipper. Dick Bradsell is the bartender credited... Read more

The Whisky Sour, or Whiskey Sour

Whiskies Can Be Spelled Differently Whiskey or Whisky? In Canada, and most of the rest of the world we spell whisky without an ‘e’ before the ‘y’. Depending on if your roots lie in Ireland or America, you might be inclined to include an ‘e’ in your spelling of this aged spirit. Going back to... Read more

The Blue Hawaii and Blue Hawaiian

The Blue Hawaii The Blue Hawaii goes back to the 1950’s and is a cocktail created by a bartender and Bing Crosby fan. Harry Yee was the renowned bartender for many tropical cocktails including the Banana Daiquiri and the Tropical Itch. As with many cocktails, this cocktail seems to have its origins in a pushy... Read more

Long Island Iced Tea

A Rowdy and Boisterous Cocktail The Long Island Iced Tea has it’s roots set all the way back in the early 1920’s… Prohibition Days. This was a cocktail mixed up with pretty much anything they had behind the bar and sweetened up with some maple syrup. Prohibition did bring us some pretty awesome and creative... Read more

Alabama Slammer

What is an Alabama Slammer? The Alabama Slammer is not a jail in the south, it is an cocktail invented at the University of Alabama way back in 1975. Also known as a the Southern Slammer, this nutty and bourbon flavoured liqueur cocktail is almost concocted as a morning hangover cure… mainly due to the citrus mix. That tangy... Read more

The Classic Martini

The History of the Classic Martini The true origin of the martini is draped in mystery! There are differing arguments as to who was the first to create the Classic Martini. Many who claim to have created the first Martini have varying recipes and names, but no version exactly fits the Martini recipe that we know today. The modern day Dry Martini consists... Read more

Bourbon and Water

Bourbon and Water has been around since the beginning of Bourbon Whisky, going all the way back to the early 1800ÔÇ▓s. You can imagine those initial high proof spirits may have needed a little watering down to be a bit more palatable for those with more sensitive tastes. Adding a splash of water doesn’t just... Read more

A├▒ejo Highball

History Of The A├▒ejo Highball: Not every bartender will know the A├▒ejo Highball. This rum and ginger beer cocktail one of the greatest new cocktails that could almost be considered a modern classic. A riff on the Mule, Dale Degroff is credited as the bartender/mixologist that created this fantastic cocktail in the early 90ÔÇ▓s and is considered to be one of the... Read more

Amarosa Cocktail

History Of The Amarosa Cocktail The Amarosa Cocktail was invented in the 1930ÔÇ▓s by H. Losappio.  This gin-based cocktail is a bitter and complicated cocktail, created during in a part of the world famous for their amaros. Italian bartenders have been serving up Campari and Aperol spritzers for centuries now. Afternoon guests may not always want an espresso,... Read more

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