Fun Cocktail Recipes

Bloody mary tomato juice vodka lemon

Bloody Mary and Bloody Maria

Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe And History The Bloody Mary cocktail was invented in the 1920′s by an American bartender.  At Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, a man named Fernand Petiot apparently

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vodka chi-chi or chi chi tropical cocktail

The Chi-Chi and Pina Colada

The Tropical Chi-Chi The Chi-Chi is a sweet, vodka-based cocktail made with cream of coconut and pineapple juice. This is a tasty tropical drink usually mixed up by either blending

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curacao punch cocktail rum soda cognac

Curacao Punch

The Curacao Punch is a tasty cocktail outlined in the classic New and Improved Bartender’s Manual, which was originally released in 1882. An almost forgotten cocktail, this

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mojitos in short glasses held by woman with ring

The Classic Mojito

History Of The Mojito The mojito is one of Cuba’s oldest cocktails and comes from the African word mojo, which means to place a little spell. There

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paradise cocktail as martini with peach garnish

Paradise Cocktail or Martini

The Paradise cocktail is one of the not so known classic cocktails that has long been a favourite of many of us. Where the classic Martini is dry, the Paradise is

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Cuba Libre (aka: Rum & Coke)

History Of The Cuba Libre Cocktail The Cuba Libre cocktail was invented around 1900 in Havana, which was during the Spanish-American War. Rum goes well with lots of soft drinks and there are many types

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campari and soda in bottles

Campari and Soda

History Of Campari Campari and soda are perfect together. Campari is a bitter and sweet amaro characterized by its dark red colour. This interesting liqueur is

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bocce ball orange amaretto

Bocce Ball

The Traditional Old Italian Bocce Ball We say this is the traditional drink of old Italians. That isn’t the case everywhere. We just see old

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