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Learn Bartending as a Hobby

Knowing how to make a great cocktail is something everyone should know. When we’re talking cocktails, something more than a standard screwdriver of course. Bartending

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how to store wine in cellar

How To Store Wine

What Should You Consider When Storing Wine? Wine is alive. Being as this fermented beverage is alive, it reacts either positively or negatively to its

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Bartending & Traveling

Bartending & Traveling One of the most exciting things about being a bartender is that the skills you have learned can be used in every

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Wine Terminology

Below is a section of wine specific descriptors that we have kept in the back of our textbook for years now. Wine terminology can be

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Wine Terminology Part 2

A wine may have strong earthy or musty notes depending on when and where it was grown. We have the middle part of our extensive

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Wine Terminology Part 3

Wine is complex, and truly needs to be appreciated with both your senses of smell and taste. Have a read through the last of our

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Bartending Terminology

Bartending Terminology Below is a bit of the lingo developed over the years by bartenders, and frequent imbibers of fancy cocktails. These days your typical

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