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Tips & Tricks

Career Path of a Successful Bartender

How to Create a Successful Career as a Bartender Every good bartender has a long and storied history on how they came to be behind the bar. Some of those stories are only tales of woe. Others seem to have just lucked into the position because they were in the right place at the right... Read more

How to Become A Bartender

So you are wondering how to become a bartender… Bartending has to be one of the most fun jobs in the world. We have our reasons. As a bartender, you offer up a product that customers crave. So how does someone get started? Research! Now this isn’t just spending a few hours searching the internet... Read more

Working Flair Vs. Competition Flair Bartending

What is Competition Flair? Competition flair consists of highly choreographed show stopping routines. A great competition flair performance requires a ton of preparation. The routine is rehearsed countless times in the backyard. People came to see a flair competition, so it better be practiced & polished! Bottles are numbered, taped, and filled with the minimum needed... Read more

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