What We Cover in Each Class

This is the breakdown of what happens on a day to day and week to week basis for each of our classes. Our classes overlap regularly, so if you can’t make it to one of your classes give us a call to see where we can squeeze you in. We aim to be flexible and accommodating!

8 Days of Bartending Classes to better train you

Class #1

Responsible Service
One Touch Bartending
Vodka Cocktails

Class #2

Liqueurs & Bar Rail and Juices
Garnishes & Customer Service
Increase Your Tips!
Liqueur Cocktails & Shooters

Class #3

Gin Cocktails
Review & Practice

Class #4

Tequila Drinks
Rum Drinks
Speed & Efficiency
Review and Practice

Class #5

& Scotch Drinks
Streamlining Drink Orders

Class #6

Wine and Grape Varieties
Wine Regions
Wine Service
Brandy & Cognac

Class #7

Beer and the Brewing Process
Beer Storage
Draft Beer
Beer Pouring Techniques

Class #8

Written Exam
Practical Evaluation
Employment Tips & Resume Tips

**Note that Day or Night class schedules may be adjusted to accommodate long weekend holiday schedules. Specific schedule adjustments are noted in the class details. Check our class calendar too!

What to Expect at Fine Art Bartending

We have a fairly detailed, and candid account of what you can expect during each day of your classes at our downtown Vancouver location. We also have a little printed material that we stick in the window for those walking by. This brochure on our bartending course also outlines generally what we cover over the 8 days of classes.

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