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A Movember Cocktail Recipes - Fine Art Bartending Vancouver

A Movember Cocktail Recipes

We have TWO Movember cocktail recipes for all the guys who are becoming less attractive as each day in Movember ticks by. We honour your sacrifice for charity with a suggested cocktail to pair your scrubby facial hair with. After all, you might as well drink in style.

The Moustache Ride Martini #1


Ingredients for your Moustache Ride #1

  • 1.5 oz Van Gogh Espresso Flavoured Vodka
  • 0.5 oz Butter Ripple Schnapps
  • 1 oz cream
  • Honey & Chocolate sprinkle rim

Shake & Strain into a chilled martini glass with chocolate sprinkles on the rim. If you’re having some difficulty sticking those sprinkles on, dip the rim in a honey syrup. The extra stick from even a diluted honey mixture will really glue those little black flecks in place.

This creamy coffee martini with sweet and buttery schnapps will go down way too easy. You’ll likely spend more time licking the sprinkles off the rim!

The Moustache Ride #2

movember cocktail with coconut rim on martini glass

Ingredients for your Moustache Ride #2

  • 1.5 oz Spiced Dark Rum
  • 0.5 oz Creme de Banane
  • 1 oz cream
  • chocolate syrup & toasted coconut rim

Shake this cocktail up in a Boston Shaker and strain into a chilled martini glass. Before straining it in, rim the glass with some toasted coconut. That coconut can be hard to stick to just a damp rim, so try using a little chocolate syrup to get that extra sticking power for this Movember cocktail.

Both cocktails are fun and open to modification. If your guests tend to have a little grey in that moustache the coconut will never show! A spiced dark rum along with the sweetness of Creme de Banane will prime you for the holidays.

Support your local moustache grower by order them a Movember Cocktail! Growing a little facial hair (and for some it is only a little) is all for a good cause! Since when does anyone need a reason to experiment with facial hair anyways?

From The Bartenders at Fine Art Bartending School

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