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32-Hour Commercial Bartending Course

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Setting the industry standard for Bartender Training in Vancouver since 1981.

In the hospitality industry, our #1 rated bartending course outlines every essential bit of information to get you started as a bartender. Fine Art Bartending School has Canada’s oldest, largest and most respected bartender certification program. We have trained thousands of people just like you through our curriculum, and for more than 40 years. For a sampling of what happens in those classes… have a look at our Instagram! Recent reels can be seen on our IG page!

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Every couple of weeks we churn out a new group of soon-to-be bartenders ready to make their mark in the hospitality industry. Fine Art Bartending Schools know what it takes to develop your skills behind the bar, and we give you both the knowledge and the confidence to get hired. We update our training manual regularly with industry feedback and aim to keep our drink recipes current and accurate. Come downtown and learn in an awesome bar-like environment.

Fine Art Bartending has a very interactive kind of bartending course. We know that practice, practice, and more practice makes perfect. The program has a very practical approach to learning how to make quality drinks, while keeping your work space clean and professional. We teach each class in our downtown location within spitting distance of Vancouver’s best bartenders. Learn with the best instructors, who also know how to make each class lots of fun. You will spend up to two-thirds of your time behind the bar, mixing drinks, honing your skills, learning how to multi task, and even interacting with customers. We don’t have actual customers come in, your fellow students assume this role. Check out our Class by Class breakdown of what happens in each of the 8 classes.

Theory is Important

History of liquor is also important in any decent bartender training program, plus a little theory. You will spend a third of class time on learning necessary basics of spirits, beer and wine in addition to background material that every bartender should know. We even toss in a few of our own experiences and stories, which then to gives you something to look forward to after graduation.

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The 32-hour Commercial Bartending Course is 8 action packed days of hands on cocktail training. We teach you how to bartend behind a functioning bar, with the best instructors in the city. For our weekend classes, we teach you all the ins and outs over 4 weeks. We at Fine Art ensure that after you successfully complete the bartending course you will have:

  • The most widely known Fine Art Commercial Bartender Certificate
  • Knowledge of how to properly make more than 100 different cocktails
  • An understanding of how to pair liquors and mixes, to craft your own beverages
  • Tips on how to upsell and increase bar sales for the house (plus tips for you!)
  • Knowledge on how to train support staff on what to expect from your bartenders
  • A Boatload of Confidence
  • Plus… A Few New Friends

​Serving It Right certification is required before being able to serve drinks in British Columbia. Get your Serving It Right Certificate on your own time. We spend a little time outlining how to get that done. While in our bartending school, we focus your class time on practicing being a bartender. In class you will be focused on cocktail making, and improving your customer service, while learning how to make more in the way of tips! Earn your Serving It Right certificate in a few hours anytime.

Bartending Course Time and Date Options

DAY Classes11am – 3pm,
Monday to Thursday for TWO weeks
EVENING Classes6pm – 10pm,
Tuesday to Thursday for Week #1 & 2
Tuesday & Wednesday for Week #3
WEEKEND ClassesSaturdays & Sundays
12pm – 4pm, for FOUR weeks

*Note that on Statutory Holidays, we may shift classes to start on Tuesday instead of Monday

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DAY and EVENING training sessions start every few weeks. Our weekend classes start approximately every four weeks, depending on holiday schedules. Have a look below at all our upcoming class start dates to find out what works for you!

Don’t see dates far enough in the future for your advanced schedule? Send us an email. We have a good idea of when classes are even if you don’t see them noted on the website. Just ask.

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Choose Vancouver’s Best Bartender Training Program

We have been Vancouver’s best bartender training school for more than 40 years, and our reviews tell it all. At the end of our program, you will be amazed at how many drink recipes and working tips you have picked up. Graduates pop into the school to tell us about all the additional nuggets of information they wow their friends with, including some really easy techniques to show off behind the bar. Our course ensures you have the confidence to get out there, get hired, and start making money right away.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  It was only a matter of time after getting my certificate at Fine Art Bartending, plus doing the Flair Seminar, that my first job opportunity came up. Now working at a busy bar, the classes have paid themselves off many times over. The flexibility from day to night classes makes it easy to attend for anyone! The very thorough curriculum teaches its students a wide range of bar related knowledge, making Fine Art your one stop solution for learning how to bartend. Thanks for all the help!
Travis N. from Burnaby

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Learned a great deal about all aspects of beer/wine/spirits and bartending in different situations (restaurant, pub, nightclubs). The daily practical speed rounds were challenging and a lot of fun — After this course I’m ready to tackle any bartending job!
Masa T. from Vancouver

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Really enjoyed my last two weeks here. The class had a great instructor and atmosphere, with comprehensive lessons and situational practice. I learned a lot and it was definitely worth my money. Would recommend this program to anyone thinking about taking it.
Tristan V. from Langley

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Awesome teachers, these guys really inspired me to learn more about making drinks. There is a fair section of theory based work on the relative drinks and the origins of alcohol types. There’s also lots of hands on practice which I believe was one of the highlights of Fine Arts Bartending. It was a very fun experience and really prepares you at the bar, loved the environment and the challenge.
Will W. from Coquitlam

We are Vancouver's Favourite Bartending School!