Event Bartender

Want to be a Private Event Bartender?

Are you great at promoting and presenting yourself in a clean crisp, professional manner? Look at landing a job at a private party as an Event Bartender.  A lot of this business is your knowledge but it’s also who you know, it’s about connections and marketing ones self. Become that person that is in demand and run with it.

Event BartenderIt sounds very simple but sometimes it comes down to answering an ad on Craigslist or meeting people at parties.  Whether you have worked in the business a long time or you’re quite new and want to build a name, start making contacts or skim through those classifieds. If you have the proper tools to be that guy/girl that people WANT as their Bartender at any given Event, then you are set!

Be Prepared!

Showing up looking prim, proper and professional to an event is the best way to establish yourself as someone who is serious and takes themselves with pride. Looking the part is a huge thing and being able to interact with everyone, smile, laugh and enjoy yourself is a great way to land that next job. Talk to people as you serve them,  drink knowledge is key and recommendations is a great way to impress. Always do your best to impress, because you want to make new contacts and you want to be in demand.

A great checklist for yourself is:  Show up with your own equipment,  go out and buy all the tools you need to deliver a great product. Business cards, have them sitting out in a holder on the table or surface you are Bartending on. Also, go the extra mile, offer to help serve food if you have a minute, help clear dishes and help with clean up if need be.  Good Event Bartenders, look the part, work the part and go the extra mile. These are the kind of staff people require to ensure their party is a huge success.

Be Flexible!

Make yourself available for people, once you hand out cards and meet new people it will snowball for you. If you say no, you will be replaced and forgotten just as quickly. Once you have established yourself in a group, stick with them and be their ‘person.’  Keep in mind a lot of guests at private parties have different jobs, it could lead to other business ventures as well, you never know, so mingle!

Private Bartending is a great way to come out of your shell and interact with a great group of people who just want to enjoy themselves, usually in a smaller more intimate setting. Set that tone for them, smile, laugh with them and offer your services going forward.  Private Bartending is really luck of the draw most of the time, but the people you meet will make a lasting impression on your life.  Get out there and promote yourself!

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