Flair Bartending

1 Day Working Flair Seminar

Working Flair Bartending Seminar

Stand out from the crowd, get the job you want & increase your tips, with Vancouver’s only hands-on 1 Day Working Flair Bartending Seminar. Our program will teach you all the basics of Working Flair, and provide you a solid foundation that will let you take your skills to the next level. Not only will our seminar teach you over 50 flair moves, we also focus on helping you put together short sequences that you can use throughout the night while you are working to impress your guests, and help you earn more $$$. Flair Bartending is a proven way to attract more customers, make more $$$ at your current job, or help you get a better Bartending job.


The seminar goes from 12pm-5pm. Cost for the seminar is $125.00 This includes 1 Flairco flair bottle, and a stainless shaker tin. That’s over $40 worth of materials! We guarantee results! If you have any doubts about your ability to master our program your first time through, don’t worry, you can come back through the seminar for free. The seminar is held at Fine Art in Vancouver at 432 West Pender St. The seminar is taught by Ryan Boyd, you can view Ryan’s bio here Space is limited to 6 students, so you must register & pay in advance to guarantee your spot


604-873-2811 -- 432 West Pender, Vancouver BC

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Flair Bartending Seminar12:00pm to 5:00pmAug 20 2017Aug 20 2017


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Flair Bartending Seminar12:00pm to 5:00pmSeptember 24 2017September 24 2017


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I just wanted to say I had a blast in your Flair seminar at the Vancouver School. I actually flew in from Calgary for the weekend to attend, and I thoroughly recommend anyone heading out that way with a similar interest in Flair to book into your course. The way you used the resources, your efficient technique, explanations of footwork, your points about coming across confident with customers were all very well received. You really showed me that I can do it all with determination and a little practice. Thank you    -Matt (Calgary)