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Make Your Flashcards! - Fine Art Bartending

Know Your Drinks!

Make your flashcards. We have given you the tools to succeed and learn the cocktails. As an additional support tool, we have created a few easy online exercises for you. Click each of the cards below to take you through each section.

Day #1

Review and Cocktail Flashcards

Day #2

Review, plus Liqueur Flashcards

Day #3

Review and Flashcards

Day #4

Review and Cocktails

Day #5

Review and Cocktails

Day #6

Review of Wine

Day #7

Review of Beer

We wrap it all up on Day #8 with testing. 80% is what you need to pass, but aim for 100%! With a good grasp of all the information outlined on the above linked pages… you’ll do just fine. Study up!

If you didn’t snap pictures of your well and backbar… you can find some pics of the well and backbar here. Know your brands, spirits, and what they are made from.

If these flashcards don’t match up exactly with your textbook, it’s because we just updated the textbook. Use your textbook, and the recipes in it as the primary source for learning from.

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