Instead of the Late Night Bartending Job, Try Teaching

Henry Allan

At Fine Art Bartending Vancouver, we are always on the hunt for bartenders that want to share a little of their worldly experience with young, moldable minds? These individuals aren’t just bartenders, but teachers that have a passion for their craft. Ideally we are looking for bartenders that have spent some time in many roles throughout the hospitality industry. People that have snagged a bartending job while travelling small chunks of the world, and now just want to settle in Vancouver and put down some roots.

What Are We Looking For?

Successful individuals need to have a minimum of 3 years bartending experience. Students that want to learn how to bartend need to hear some of those great stories you have. They need to hear how you handled that guest that passed out on your bar at 10AM right before the brunch rush. We like varied experience, which means preferably bartenders than have worked in different types of establishments. In addition we are looking for people that

  • can lead a small group of eager learners
  • can speak to a group comfortably, and add your own experiences & stories
  • has charisma, which every successful bartender already has
  • can work independently without supervision

We are a small bartending school, located right downtown. Reliable & punctual bartenders is what we need to lead our bartending classes.

This position fits best with bartenders who have another bartending job to pay the rent. Think of this as an easy side gig to make some extra cash whiles seeing the smiles on students faces! The challenge is fun, and note that the students can range in age from 19 to 50+. Some students have never had a drink before, others are seasoned beverage consumers and know just enough to be dangerous behind the bar.

Send Us Your Details

A good bartending resume is something that we teach

Please send us your one page resume as a PDF. We don’t need an extensive cover letter, but we do have a few questions in advance for you:

  1. What now is your favourite drink, and why?
  2. Have you ever taught or mentored anything? If so, what?
  3. Why do you call Vancouver home?

Have a look at our Facebook Page and of course the rest of this website for more information. Our students love great instructors, which is why we have such great reviews. Some of our past instructor profiles can be found here. Come mold some minds with us, and teach bartenders what they should be doing behind the bar!

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