Day, Evening or Weekend Classes?

Fine Art Bartending offers the most extensive amount of class time to train you as a bartender. Our 32-hour program is split into 8 classes. Each of those bartending classes is FOUR hours long. Each day of class we cover a new section of material, which may be a different spirit, wine, or beer. We also offer the widest variety of class times to accommodate everyone and their busy schedules.

Choose A Bartending Class to Join

Next Course Starts on
or MONDAY January 24th

or MONDAY February 7th
4 days/week for 2 Weeks
Next Course Starts on
TUESDAY January 25th

or TUESDAY February 15th
3 nights/week for 3 Weeks**
Next Course Starts on
SATURDAY January 8th
orSATURDAY February 5th
SAT & SUN for 4 weeks

**Evening classes are Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday for the first 2 weeks, then Tuesday & Wednesday in Week #3. Information on more Upcoming Classes can be found here on our  👉CALENDAR OF CLASSES.

32-hour Bartending Course – now only $649