A Fun and Interactive 4 Hour Introduction To Bartending Class

A Fun And Interactive 4 Hour Introduction To Bartending Class

Over the course of an afternoon, this basic bartending class quickly introduces students to what really happens behind the bar. Do you know what bad habits that bartender might have when making your drinks? If you pay $20 for a drink, are you really getting your money’s worth? Our instructors point out just what a bar, pub or restaurant might be serving you and what you really should be drinking instead. After a few hours of learning how that perfect shaken margarita should be prepared, or how easily a perfect martini can be prepared… students finish the class not only knowing how to make a few drinks themselves, but also much more knowledgeable customers.

Intro to Bartending Class
In This Class You Will Learn:

  • Proper Pouring Techniques
  • Methods of Mixing
  • A Brief History of the Major Spirits
  • Martini Basics
  • Making Signature Cocktails
  • Essentials for Stocking Your Home Bar
  • Tips On How To Be A Better Customer
  • Popular Shots

Price: only $125

Upcoming Introduction to Bartending Classes:

  • Sunday August 27 (12pm until 4pm)
  • Sunday September 17 (12pm until 4pm)


Customer Feedback:

Hi Ryan,

My husband and I attended the Intro to Bartending class yesterday with Jeromie, and I wanted to let you know that we had a fantastic time! We were both a bit nervous of the content and how we would be learning to bartend, but the class was exactly what we were looking for. Our instructor was easy going and approachable, and he was tactful in how he corrected students as we tried the hands-on practice sessions. Even though I have limited experience with bartending and mixology I found the class easy to understand and follow. The handouts were were much apreciated and we are looking forward to hosting a party with our friends to try out what we’ve learned. We both agreed it was worth the drive out from Abbotsford. – Katie W.

Hello Fine Art Bartending School,

Again, I can’t say how amazing this introductory bartending class was. Jeromie is a high energy guy and so very knowledgable. We are seasoned consumers of spirits and now know exactly what we should be purchasing the next time we go into a liquor store. We also now know the proper way to mix up a mojito. My girlfriend and I both enjoyed this bartending class a ton and have already recommended friends of ours also look into it. Thanks again, Gordon from Vancouver