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32-Hour Commercial Bartending Course

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Teaching how to bartend with all the tools you need!

4 coupe glasses with bartender behind barOnline bartending courses are numerous and cheap. The reason these programs are so inexpensive is the onus is put on you to get all the necessary tools, equipment and bottles. You are also expected to work through each video module on your own with no feedback on if you are making each drink correctly. The 32-hour hands-on bartending course at Fine Art Bartending is the best option to learn to bartend when compared to any online bartending course in BC.

British Columbia has a few very specific rules for bartenders that we outline in our program. We also teach bartenders what to watch for when making drinks, while pointing out how to make more tips. No online bartending course is going to provide you the instant feedback you need to correct bad habits.

Our Bartender Training Course is is held downtown in Vancouver. We are only a 5 minute walk from both Waterfront and Granville Skytrain stations. The bartending school is also within spitting distance of Vancouver’s best bartenders. You can spend the time trying to learn to bartend at home, or come downtown to practice then park yourself at a bar to see successful bartenders in action.

See What Happens in Each Class

A Practical Bartending Course Outlines What You Need

drinks on bar no online bartending courseOnline you will find much more detail on each individual spirit. We point out the what you should be looking for in each spirit. Discussion of what mixes pair with gin and rye is something that only happens in a classroom. Learn about the basics of beer and wine. Tap a keg and learn about hooking up a CO2 cylinder. Pour a few pints, then talk about different brands and where they come from. Wine is also touched on, along with more hands-on wine service tips. Information again you only get in a classroom.

The Commercial Bartending Course is a practical course we teach over two weeks. With 4 hours of class time each day, over eight days, we teach you exactly what you need to bartend. Get up behind the bar and make some cocktails!

Complete the course and you get:

  • The well reknowned Fine Art Commercial Bartender Certificate
  • hands-on knowledge of 100 different cocktails
  • the skills to start crafting your own cocktails
  • upselling tips and tricks to make more money for the house, and yourself
  • suggestions on how to train support staff
  • the confidence to rock it behind the bar
  • and some new classmates!

BC has a responsible serving program that must be done online. To serve or sell alcohol, you need to have your ​Serving It Right certificate. We touch on all the essential bits of information in BC’s responsible service program, but we focus class time on making cocktails. It doesn’t matter if you take some hands on classes or an online bartending course, you need to take the time and get your Serving It Right. We recommend coming to Vancouver, and learn from bartenders what you really need to know.

Class Times

Vancouver BC at sunset

DAY ClassesMonday to Thursday
12pm – 4pm, for TWO weeks
EVENING ClassesMonday to Thursday
6pm – 10pm, for TWO weeks
    WEEKEND Classes     Saturdays & Sundays
12pm – 4pm, for FOUR weeks

*Note that on Statutory Holidays, we may shift classes to start on Tuesday instead of Monday

To accommodate everyone, have have a small classroom to better teach our bartending students. DAY and EVENING courses start about every couple weeks, so there is no excuse to not be able to make classes. Once a month we start new WEEKEND classes too. Check our new class start dates to see what works for your schedule!

Learn to Bartend for Real, not in an online bartending course

Send us an email if you don’t see the start dates you are looking for! If dates aren’t on the website, we probably have an idea as to when the next ones will be. ASK US! We are here to help.

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Choose Vancouver’s Best Bartender Training Program

We have been Greater Vancouver’s best bartender training school for more than 35 years! Over that time we have refined our bartending course to the most thorough and interactive program around. Our reviews tell it all. By the end of the classes, your pouring skills will be perfected and your cocktail knowledge will be impressive. Our course ensures you know where to find that first bartending job. We want you to have the confidence to get out there, get hired, and start making money right away.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I took the evening classes and had a fantastic time! I had a great time learning how to bartend while making new friends and all around having a blast! Suzanne was a great teacher who was willing to put in extra time with the students who needed it. She was always helpful while challenging us to push ourselves. Ryan was a great source for information on wines. I think I learned more in that one night than I ever have on my own. Three months later I moved to Alberta and found a job bartending at a lounge in a hotel. Overall the course was well worth it to just learn all the techniques that would take you months to learn on the job. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who is interested in bartending!
Shannon S. from Vancouver BC

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Just wanted to thank you for the great time at the course and to inform you that it serves me well. It gives an enormous sense of assurance and safety throughout a busy night to know that no matter how many drink orders you get you can do it without even appearing in a haste. Yes people, it’s possible. And if, especially as a beginner, you’re tired of fellow bartenders too good to impart their precious knowledge with newcomers, consider the bartending course, where you can learn the “tricks” in just a few lessons, in an easy going, approachable and fun way. You’ll find out that mixology is an art that can be mastered. Cheers to all lovers of good drinks!
Ioana D. from Burnaby BC

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I thought this class was great. The instructors possessed fantastic product knowledge and tips of the trade. I had a fantastic time and would actually recommend it to all my friends. It was nice to have the choice of going to the day class or night if you missed a class & both instructors were amazing. Cheers!
Deb L. from Richmond BC

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