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7 Piece Bar Equipment Practice Kit - Fine Art Bartending

Practice Your Skills At Home

Anyone wanting to be a bartender needs practice with mixing drinks. We at Fine Art Bartending provide all the essential pieces of bar equipment for use during class time, but outside of class having your own practice kit is very handy. All items have been sourced from local kitchen and bar industrial supply stores. We have packaged the necessary items into this easy kit so you know that the same shaker tins and glasses are used in bars and restaurants throughout Vancouver.

7 Piece Bar Equipment Practice Kit


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Our Seven Piece Kit of Essential Practice Bar Equipment

We have the kits available in the school for purchase, also for pick up. Students wanting to not restrict their cocktail practice time to in class, would be best to get one of these sets on their first day of the bartender training course.

  • The shaker tin. A stainless steel, 28oz cocktail mixing tin. Perfect for practicing shaker flips and tosses
  • Shaker glass. Standard 16 ounce sleeve commonly full of beer
  • Standard 1oz shot glass. The Canadian, tapered shot glass with weighted bottom
  • Speed Pourer. Press it into a 750ml bottle and start pouring practice shots.
  • Plastic pourer. These pour spouts are common in many restaurants because they are cheap. Learning to pour consistently with the plastic pourer will help all students during their first few weeks at work.
  • Bar Spoon. All students need to practice stirring. It sounds simple enough, but twirling the spiral shaft of the spoon when mixing up an Old Fashioned takes a little practice.
  • Hawthorne Bar Strainer. The standard bar strainer for separating the mixing ice from the drink. Again, this is an essential piece of equipment that does require a little getting used to. Pour drinks too quick and half of it ends up on the bar, not in the glass.

Add a Kit Today

Add one of these practice kits to your order and we will hand one to you on Day #1. Get a leg up on all of your fellow students and drop by to pick up a shaker set kit in advance of that first bartending class. You may not know the details of each piece in the practice kit, but a bit of trial and error is always great for learning what not to do. When you get to class, we will outline for you the correct way to use each piece in the kit. Practice makes perfect, and we want to ensure by the end of the bartending course you are as close to perfect as possible. If you still need some practice… come back for another few days of drink making.

We also have Flair Bottles to practice some of your bottle flipping, while juggling your new shaker tin.

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