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Certificate in Scotch Whisky - Fine Art Bartending Vancouver

Certificate in Scotch Whisky

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Earn a certificate in Scotch! Through the Edinburgh Whisky Academy we are proud to offer an online learning option for those wanting to know more. The EWA has outlined their world of whisky across eight modules. The interactive SQA-certified online course will enhance your appreciation of all things aqua vitae.

Learn at home with a computer and bottle of your choice

You will work through a series of exercises, videos and pop quizzes. Discover the history and business of Scotch. Explore the entire production process, from raw materials to distillation, maturation and bottling.

Eight Modules, from History through Production

Earn the online certificate after completing each of the modules, plus an online assessment at the end. The course is designed to be flexible, with a self-paced format. Learn at your own pace. Quiz yourself at the end of each module. Measure all the knowledge you are absorbing as you go.

certificate in scotch with custom frame
Certificate in Scotch Whisky with Wood Frame

At the end of the program, you’ll come away knowing so much more about the golden liquor in your glass. Whether you consider yourself a whisky connoisseur or are simply curious to learn more, you’ll certainly get something out of the EWA’s award-winning material and industry expertise.

How long does it take?

We recommend spending about 8 hours reviewing the modules and taking notes as you go. Complete your certificate in Scotch Whisky in as little as 3-4 hours if you are already familiar with production of other spirits. Take the time to really understand the material. Stop and sip a whisky to appreciate the nuances of the spirit while earning your . Review, and review again to really let the information sink in. Earning a certificate is one thing, but knowing the material takes additional effort.

Sign up today and we’ll get you well on your way to knowing more about Scotch Whiskies. In addition, why not learn more about cocktails too!

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