Train as a Bartender In the Afternoon

You have time during the day, why not sign up for our day bartending course. Everyone should have some form of hospitality experience as part of their resume. Learn a new skill that you can translate into a job almost immediately. Eight classes, 4 hours for each class for a total of 32 hours. Our classes start at 11AM and finish up at 3PM each day… just in time for happy hour. We do stop for a short break mid way through the class for anyone to grab a donut, a pizza slice or just some fresh air. 

DAYS – Commercial Bartending Course


Day Classes run from 11am to 3pm, Tuesday to Friday

We are close to many of your favourite coffee shops and of course Gastown as well to explore nearby restaurants and pubs for a cocktail or two after class. Learning how to bartend also includes learning how to be an observant customer! Hop on the Skytrain or a bus and join us for two weeks in Downtown Vancouver.

Send us a note to Join the Waitlist

If you find your preferred Day Bartending Course start date is ‘Out of Stock’ or ‘Full’, please send us an email to be added to the waitlist for the class. Sometimes we have spaces open last minute which we can squeeze you into. Check out the Contact page for our contact details.

Students Love our Day Classes

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Fine Art Bartending! I’ve gained new bartending skills and confidence thanks to Fine Art’s guidance and training. I highly recommend taking the day bartending course IMMEDIATELY!!! The instructors are awesome. – Jon from Vancouver

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Choosing Fine Art Bartending was one of the best decisions! Not only was it an extremely fun and interesting course- but it prepares you with the knowledge and more importantly the confidence to get out there and start bartending! I highly recommend this school to anyone thinking of bartending! Very excited to start bartending and to have the amazing support that Fine Art Bartending continues to offer even after you graduate! – Cody from North Vancouver

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