Face Mask

Masks Are For Everyone’s Safety During COVID-19

The reality is that face masks work in minimizing the spread of droplets. Justin has been suggested that masks are great to prevent ‘speaking moistly’ on people. We agree! Masks do minimize that spread of spittle that sprays from each of us as we speak loudly. Bartenders and servers do have to enunciate in loud environments to really confirm the order from a guest.

Lo wearing black face mask

Masks will be the norm for a while. While training to be a bartender, you might as well get used to it and strap on one of these branded masks in the meantime. Washable, adjustable, and classy in a solid black. We have these ones branded as well, but in the simple ‘glass only’ logo to keep the look on these masks more subtle.

Order a face mask in advance and pick it up when you arrive for classes. We have a stack of them and we’re selling them at cost. Just like the hats, if you want it shipped, we can do that too. We just need you to send us an email with your address and we can add on a small shipping charge. These masks can easily fit in an envelope, and can be mailed across Canada! If you want to drop by the school to pick one up, that works too. We are open 6 days a week.

$10 per face mask, including tax!

We also have hats with the same glass only logo. Get yourself kitted up with both matching glass and hat! Next we’ll have to look at some sunglasses or a face shield to complete the ensemble.

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