Flair Bartending Seminar

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Stand out from the crowd! Get the job you want and increase your tips! At our Downtown Vancouver Bartending School, our hands-on 4-hour Working Flair Bartending Seminar we teach you exactly what you need to boost your income. Flair Bartending is a proven way to attract more customers to the bar, entertain those paying people, and make more dollars as a result. This class outlines the basics for a solid foundation of your working flair and with plenty of practice you will get that better Bartending job.

How do you take the best job in the world and make it better? One word… FLAIR!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I just wanted to say I had a blast in your Flair Bartending Seminar at the Vancouver School. I actually flew in from Calgary for the weekend to attend, and I thoroughly recommend anyone heading out that way with a similar interest in Bartending Flair to check out your course. The way you used the resources, your efficient technique, explanations of footwork, your points about coming across confident with customers were all very well received. You really showed me that I can do it all with determination and a little practice. Thank you    Matt from Calgary

Our seminar will teach you over 50 working flair moves. We focus on helping you put together short sequences, so that you can practice and perfect a routine that converts to more tips. A single flair move won’t impress many. A sequence of simple, well executed moves you can do regularly on any shift is what attracts attention and entertains. Impressed customers tip more, and isn’t everybody interested in earning more money?

Our Flair Bartending Expert

This flair class is taught by our flair bartending expert Mike Quinn. Mike has crafted this program from his years of experience teaching flair across North America and around the world. Mike focuses on the basics of Working Flair, so you can build on a solid set of fundamentals. When you have those basics well practiced, you’ll notice that added confidence and flash will help you take those skills to the next level. Remember, managers of competing clubs and bars are also customers and constantly scouting new talent. Be that star they so desperately want.

Four solid hours of learning the principles of basic flair and going through the moves.  If you have any doubts about your ability to master our program your first time through, don’t worry. As with all Fine Art Bartending School classes, you can come back through the seminar for FREE! Just bring your bottle with you, and call us to make sure we have the space for you.

We Guarantee Results!

Space is limited to just 8 students. Register and Pay in Advance to Guarantee Your Spot!

All flair classes are held at our Vancouver Downtown location. On Pender, between Richards and Homer. Hop on the bus, Skytrain, or SeaBus and stroll on over. Grab a lunch and coffee in advance and be ready to do some bottle flipping. We are right in the heart of the city’s best bars and restaurants, so why not make a day of it!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Man what an intense class! Tom Cruise made it look so easy in Cocktail but after 4 hours of flipping bottles, glasses and shaker tins…I am ready for a drink! Really this is a great class and these instructors really hav the experience and know how to teach anyone how to add a little working flair into their daily bartending routine. I now know I have a whole lot of practice to do before anyone will even trust me with tossing a lime into their finished cocktail. Practice makes perfect though, right?  Dwayne from Surrey

Upcoming Flair Classes

We don’t have specific dates scheduled for upcoming working flair classes. If you are interested, send us an email and we can advise you of approximately when that next flair class might be.

If you are looking for some private working flair instruction for your team of bartenders, send us an email at [email protected] and we can put you  in touch with our instructor!

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