Flair Practice Bottle


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Get yourself the flair equipment you need

If you want to work on your flair skills we have all the tools you need. We also have a few official Flairco flair practice bottles at the school. Pick up a flair bottle, or two, to practice in your backyard. Demonstrate some of your mad skills in front of a small audience. Set yourself up in a park, or even the beach. Practice some of your bottle flipping flair in the great outdoors, without the fear of breaking your mom’s china.

 Only $45 per flair bottle, tax included!

We have just a few of these 750ml size bottles still in stock. Pick up one, or two to try your two handed bottle flips. These bottle are plastic and thick. They are also weighted the same as a glass bottle and shaped like real bottles. Pick up two of them if you want to practice your juggling. We do sell shaker sets too! Try catching one of these flair bottles in a shaker tin. Order through the website, or just drop by the school and pick one or two up!

Check out Youtube for video instruction of what to do with a flair bottle. There are also lots more videos of what not to do on the platform as well. Entertain your guests at the bar! Don’t make them wait 2 minutes for their drink to be poured though!

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