Start Your Weekend with Mixology 101

A focus on the Mixology of a few fun Cocktails

This our special, once every one or two months, mixology class in Vancouver only.  We take two tasty cocktails and break down each drink to its most basic elements. Liquor, mix, glassware and garnish are all covered. After a couple hours learning how to perfect just a couple of cocktails, you will realize that mixology is a bit of an art. Next time you are out, make it a point to sit at the bar and see what the bartender is up to. A passionate bartender will be sure to put his or her mixology skills on display…and be ready to talk endlessly about how their custom infusions they have stored in the back, or their extreme interest in different types of bitters.

For corporate groups looking to do a team building event, or even a holiday party… we do something a bit more hands on with an Intro to Bartending class. Yes, we do have cocktail samples for you to try between each round of drink making practice!

The Mixology class is a bit different though. We step through the background of each ingredient and why it might be included in the drink. We then build that cocktail back up to something you can make up on your own.

many cocktails in a mixology class in Vancouver

By the end of this 2.5 hour mixology session…

…you can expect to walk away with

  • a couple of tasty cocktails in your system
  • a knowledge of what liquors you really should be stocking your bar (pro tip…Cuervo is bad)
  • skills on how to make fancy garnishes that go a long ways to completing every cocktail
  • an experience to last you until our next in depth Mixology 101 night

Come downtown for a little education before painting Vancouver red. Our cozy school is conveniently located just a few minutes from Waterfront Station. Even closer to many of the best watering holes in Gastown. Don’t worry, we will provide you with some handouts. When you wake up the next morning those scribbled notes on your cocktail stained papers should trigger a memory or two. Maybe of all the drink details you learn, maybe a phone number or two of a classmate. Of course, only if you are lucky… we make no promises there.

Classes are always better with a friend

Register with a friend for one of these mixology classes. Life is better when we share experiences, and dragging out a friend to sample drinks is always fun. Doing interesting things in Vancouver during those dreary winter months is almost a required activity in this grey city. An exciting, and maybe even spicy, couple of cocktails can really liven up the night. Be sure to grab a bite to eat beforehand, we don’t need any hangry people trying to learn new recipes on empty stomachs. The great thing is we have a pizza place, and donuts…just a block over.

If you like what you see in this short session, we also offer a more extensive 32 hour Bartender Certification Program for those eager to change up their careers. Having the option to make some money on the side can be fun. We also offer a very fun 3-hour Introduction to Bartending Class, a great event for couples looking for something different to do.

Class Runs from 7:00 to 9:30PM

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