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Online WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits - Fine Art Bartending

Online WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits

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Earn your WSET Level 2 certification in Spirits from home too! We have both of the Wine and Spirits Education Trust’s Level 1 and Level 2 Awards in Spirits are now offered through Fine Art Bartending. As an Approved Program Provider we can coach you through the essential spirits knowledge you need to know.

Earn your Level 2 Award in Spirits

This spirits-focused program is much more detailed than the Level 1 Spirits. This level is a 6 module program and you will have 5 weeks to complete the course. WSET has outlined the full details under their Level 2 spirits course specification. There is lots of information here and we recommend students spend about 6 hours a week between reading the material and working through the online class activities. You will understand the fundamentals of spirits production and how the raw materials are used to create key spirit styles

WSET Level 2 spirits online

Succeed with this course by completing each module in order, plus all the course activities. It is through engagement with the educator and your fellow students that strengthens your knowledge. You will have 5 weeks to complete the programme and as always we will ensure you have educator support available for the duration of your classes.

Online WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits

  • Duration – 5 weeks online guided study split into 6 modules including revision.
  • Course activities – tasting area, multiple choice feedback tests, discussions and videos supported by the textbook.
  • Modules – include weekly tasks but students are free to complete the modules at their own pace during the scheduled 5 weeks.
  • Educator – guides students through the weekly tasks for 5 weeks.
  • Materials – APP must provide the relevant and current WSET study materials for this course.
  • Student access – once the booking is confirmed, students have access for 1 year which includes the scheduled 5 weeks of guided study. Please note that students have read-only access after the course finish date.

What You Will Need

Just like with the online version of our Level 1 Award in Spirits, students will need access to a computer. Check the compatibility of alternate devices, such as a large screened tablet. For an information laden online course such as this though, a desktop computer is by far the best option. We have a link to a demo class so you can test your equipment too. Any device you use will need to have the following:

  • high speed internet connection (no dial up)
  • HTML5 compatible browser, with Javascript & cookies enabled
  • PDF viewer (Adobe Reader XI or suitable alternative)

In Person Paper Exam

Upon completion of the online learning, you will need to be tested. The test will be invigilated in person on the Saturday following the last day of your online course. We find the in person exam is the easiest way to ensure your exam is completed to WSET’s highest standards. We will confirm a test date with you.

Remote Invigilated Exam for WSET Level 2 Spirits

If it isn’t possible for you to make it to Vancouver for your exam, we can coordinate a remotely invigilated exam for you. WSET has developed the means to ensure your exam can be taken remotely as long as you have the necessary equipment. Check with us on additional pricing for a remotely invigilated exam for your WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits.

Register 7 Days Before Class Start

Sign up early! Even with these online classes, we still need time to coordinate with London and have them process your registration details. The Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) is headquartered in London UK. This also allows us time to send you the necessary materials so you can get started right.

Please send us an email about upcoming WSET classes

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