Spirits Tasting Class

spirits into tasting glassSpirits are interesting to explore. We all likely have a few spirits that we tend to avoid because of one bad night. That doesn’t need to be the case though. Each is quite interesting, and has a lot of history behind it with years of refinement to create what we see in the bottle today. Spirits tasting is a skill everyone should develop! Around the world there are some fantastic distilled beverages and taking the time to discuss them, while sipping and enjoying, is the best way!

Spirits Should Be Enjoyed Neat

We talk about different spirits during our our bartending classes but taking a little time to explore the intricacies of each needs a separate night. We start each class off with a cocktail sample that everyone should enjoy. Understanding the basics of a truly balanced cocktail demonstrates what you should expect when appreciating even and inexpensive spirit. After that first sample, we get into sipping the featured spirit of the night. Here we have a short video of what things are like on that Wine Tasting Night.

When we go to the liquor store we see a few different price points. You spend $100 on a bottle and most likely enjoy your purchase. There are a bunch of mid-range bottles that are really quite nice for both sipping and for cocktails. Our spirits night is focused on introducing you to a few options you can then watch for when out on the town, or for equipping your home bar.

Who Comes to a Spirits Tasting Class?

aged spirit in short tasting glassWe have been doing a wine tasting night for a few years now, and any bartender that really wants to be serious needs a bit of wine knowledge. Knowing a little about different spirits also helps.

The 2.5 hour spirits tasting seminar is meant to educate. We will show you how to properly sip, taste, and appreciate a spirit. Have you noticed olive, peppercorn or grassy notes in a Tequila? How about spicy ginger notes in a rye whiskey? Granted you won’t be an expert by the end of the class, but you will find a version of that spirit that you really like.  but we are certain we can find one for you that you really enjoy.

Practice makes perfect, which means after 7 samples you’ll have a sense of what really makes up that spirit. Also, how is that spirit made and what is the effect of aging on that distilled alcohol. The next time you are out on the town and you see that spirits list, you’ll be able to confidently explore an ounce just as if it were a fancy glass of wine!

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