Learn Some Essentials About Wine Tasting

It’s hard to cover everything that is wine in just a few hours, but for those new to the field of wine tasting we have a class will definitely cover the basics. If you happen to be in the service industry, and really want to get in touch with the wine essentials… then this is the class for you. After a few hours of tasting wines and asking questions of our instructors your certainty in wine knowledge, and overall appreciation, will definitely be improved.

Wine Tasting Seminar


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Like learning a new language, starting at a school is a great first step. We have a safe, unpretentious environment for you to sip, sniff and comment as you wish. All questions are welcomed. As instructors, that’s what were here to answer.

Wine Is Very Complex

This isn’t like our typical bartending classes. We take the time to step the group through an array of wine terminology as well as the different grape varieties to understand different types and styles of the grape-based beverage. We find that many attendees of these classes are of all kinds of skill levels… from complete novice wine drinkers to those working their way up in fine dining establishments.

Learning about wine should be both entertaining and easy to pick up. The class will take seven very different wines, and discuss each aspect of the grape variety. Whether it is white wines you like, or darker red wines, we take the time to chat about the important aspects associated with each. In addition, we of course cover how to pair a wine with a meal. Outside of the typical ‘reds with reds’ and ‘whites with whites’ we do have a few unconventional tips to help you the next time you are out.

Who Comes to a Wine Tasting Class?

wine glass on table at wine seminar class

If you are just interested in doing the class for fun, bring a friend along and learn about wine together. Best friends, couples, work mates, and even those on first dates have attended our wine classes as something different to do.

To be serious as bartender, a bit of wine knowledge can really propel your career. Sure you can spend the night slinging highballs for a you crowd, hoping for that dollar per drink as a tip in a crowded and noisy place. Learning about wine though can get you tending bar in a high end restaurant where multiple $200 bottles of wine disappear just as fast as that $5 rum and Coke. Join us for a few hours and expand your knowledge with some tips from our wine experts. Knowledge is power, and when it comes to wine… confidence and also more in the way of tips.

The 2.5 hour wine seminar is to educate. By the end of it you will be able to confidently swirl, swish and chat about wines. You won’t be a pro, but you will have a firm understanding of the wine basics. When it comes to wine, it really takes a lifetime to become a master but only a few hours to really get a handle on the essentials.

Finally, we aim to make sure you know those fundamentals so you can make sense of that wine list during that next date night! When looking over that wine list you will have the knowledge to ask for a wine appropriate for both the evening and the meal. Have a look at one of our recent Wine Tasting Seminars, posted to IG. We also do a Whiskies Tasting class too! If you want to know more about Whiskies… join us for more tasty learning.

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