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Intro to Bartending Recap - Fine Art Bartending

Thanks for Joining Us for the Intro to Bartending Class

We like to do a bit of a recap of what we covered in your recent Intro to Bartending class. In just a few hours, our aim is to point out a few basic tips you can implement at home, and watch your bartenders for. If you have any questions… be sure to send us a quick note.


Methods of Mixing

We started the class with build on ice cocktails. These are quick and easy to do, which is why most cocktails you see coming across the bar are made with this method. Short glasses, tall glasses… make sure they are full to the top with ice. If only doing spirits in the glass, then go with half ice. We call cocktails with half ice a ‘gentlemen’s drink’, like the Black Russian or Negroni.


Next, we got into stir and strain cocktails. These cocktails typically do not have any additional mixes added to them and are referred to as ‘spirit forward’ cocktails. Here we talked about Martinis and Manhattans. Cocktails with a storied history… which is what most drinks have. Ask your bartender about the name of the cocktail next time your order one. They may get a little creative and just come up with a story for you on the spot!


Shake, Shake, Shake! When adding juice to a cocktail, we can shake them up. By shaking we chill, dilute, and aerate the cocktail. Cosmos and Gimlets are fantastic cocktails to enjoy and should be shaken. Martinis ordered by James Bond also seem to be shaken… try shaken vs. stirred the next time you are out and see which version of chilling and dilution you prefer.


Finally, we had a few fun classic cocktails along with some essential holiday drinks. Those holiday drinks we usually find being made in a blender, then served to us on a beach or patio. Shaking and pouring is a great way to keep that ice from melting too quick while in the hot sun. Try making up your margaritas or piña coladas with some shaking and pouring.

Happy Hour Cocktails in Town

Mules are great. Try a different spirit in your mule though. St. Regis (downtown, Dunsmuir and Seymour) has Tennessee Mules on happy hour each Thursday.

Great Brambles and Manhattans can be found at the Narrow Lounge, at Main and 3rd. Make your way in there before the building gets redeveloped. Great happy hour prices, and tacos!

Tasty Gimlets can be found at Long Table Distillery. Their tasting room has limited hours, but if you are in the area, you can enjoy a cocktail from one of their house made spirits… like a Gimlet.

Look for the Jungle Bird at Shameful Tiki on Main Street, or Havana over on Commercial. The Campari makes this rum punch quite tasty.

Speaking of Campari… The Emerald over in Chinatown has a 3oz Negroni during happy hour which still comes in at less than $10 after tax and tip. They also have a Lavender 75 on their list… which also is a tasty riff on the French 75 found at both the Keg and Sequoia group restaurants.

The Intro to Bartending Booklet

We have an online copy of the booklet referencing all the recipes we walked through in your Intro to Bartending class.  Sure you will find variations in each of these recipes, but for understanding the key ingredients in each of the cocktails will help you recreate these drinks at home for friends and family.


Wine or Whiskies?

We also have additional classes, like our upcoming 🍷 Wine Tasting Seminar or our 🥃 Intro to Whiskies night. In each of these we cover some essential knowledge of both the raw materials used in production as well as regional variations. Of course, we can’t appreciate that information without some tasting samples. Come out and join us for an evening of learning and sipping! We’ve also just added a Spirits Tasting Night, so be sure to check that out too!

Again, thanks for joining us for the Intro to Bartending class. Great students make for a really great class. Learning more about your cocktails is always a whole lot of fun.


Fine Art Bartending

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