As much as we want to see you for our in class exams, sometimes it makes more sense to do your exam from home. Remote invigilation is something WSET has been working on for years and accelerated during COVID-19 restrictions.

In Person Paper Exams

For years, WSET has been using paper exams to assess student knowledge. They have developed reliable training for instructors and exam invigilators to ensure integrity of the final results. When we proctor an exam at Fine Art Bartending, we have some essential instructions to follow

  • photo ID needs to be presented to ensure the correct person is writing the test
  • all materials are removed from the desktops other than the exam
  • an invigilator monitors the classroom during writing of the exam to ensure exam integrity

Although it may seem a bit old school to work off paper exams, which then need to be sent to London UK for marking… it is a system that works.

Who takes an Exam with Remote Invigilation?

We have been running the WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits Online now for a while now. Most of these students have been local, with a few from just outside of the Lower Mainland. Those students that had to travel to Vancouver to write the exam only had a couple hours to drive into town. For anyone further out though, it might make sense to consider taking the exam from home.

What is required

WSET has a very extensive list of requirements and rules for remote writing exams from home. In the classroom we can ensure the environment complies. You will need to set up your exam space accordingly. We will have to spend some time with you on a video call to ensure you understand how the room needs to be set up, plus all the violations that could invalidate your test results. Some essentials are:

  • Strong internet connection
  • Laptop or desktop with webcam
  • Secondary electronic device for video recording (a phone or tablet capable of running the ProctorExam app)
  • A separate room to do your exam in

Cost of Remote Invigilation

Yes, there is an added cost for doing your exam remotely. Your exam is individually evaluated and assessed. The videos submitted of your exam room will be individually reviewed. The extra communication, and additional license fees for the platforms WSET need to be factored in. Yes, you get to save on transportation costs to the classroom, but there is a small additional price for that convenience.

Currently we are offering the remote invigilation package for an additional $60. For the additional time and energy put into running your individual exam, this is a great deal.


First, we’ll need to arrange an exam date with you. This will be your individual exam date. We will need at least 3 weeks (15 business days) notice to confirm exam date details and register you for the exam.

Second, we’ll need to so a system check. This will happen 10 days before your exam. Your internet speed and hardware will be checked to confirm it’s sufficient to run the test. At the same time, your name will be confirmed so that it matches your ID. You will also need to confirm your secondary device runs the ProctorExam app.

Thirdly, you will need to confirm receipt of your exam email. This will arrive 72 hours before your exam. A link to the exam will be provided, but not active until the exam time. In addition, you will need to review the list of Exam Violations. This is something we will need to go through with you as well.

Finally, the exam. Prepare the room and clear your exam space. Make sure you follow all the steps in recording your environment. The people that review the videos will be looking for anything that might be used as an aid while you are doing your exam. The strict adherence to the rules is required, only because people have violated them in the past.

a notebook

Final thoughts

An exam is an evaluation of your knowledge. If you have spent the time absorbing the details, an exam should be straightforward. It should not be looked at as a barrier. If you are available to join us for the in-person exam, that would be great. If you can’t, then remote invigilation will be necessary.

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