For starting your online WSET Training, you will want to ensure your device works! Even if you are able to access the learning modules online with an older device, it may not be suitable come test time. Set yourself up with a newer device, or borrow one!

Use a newer device for your Online WSET Training Modules

Check the compatibility of your device before starting your modules. The course is delivered through a learning management system called Canvas. Canvas has detailed the minimum requirements to view their hosted courses. Any computer less than five years old should have no difficulty in displaying the online modules.


Aim to work through the modules on a larger screen. With a larger screen you can have the ebook open alongside the online training modules and work with the two side by side. It also gives you the chance to mark up the ebook with critical notes as you move through the sections. Sometimes subtle elements will be key points that come up during test time. A larger screen will definitely help you there.
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Have a great internet connection

Internet reliability is also key. Although we have great internet providers in Canada, sometimes their service can be disrupted… especially in more rural areas. It is advisable to have a backup option for connecting when it comes to test day. The online testing is something WSET is hoping to transition to permanently which requires reliable and strong internet connections.

In summary, a computer capable of running the latest browser versions should be sufficient. Additional recommendations are:

  • minimum 1GB of RAM
  • minimum internet speed of 512kbps (Test your download speed)
  • A supported browser compatible with HTML5
  • JavaScript enabled

An easier way to confirm is to check out the demo class. If you can view all the material in the demo class, you’ll be good to go! Once you have your sign in details, you can log in to the online WSET training class portal and work through the program at your own pace.

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