Learn How to Bartend in TWO weeks! Limited Spaces Available!

432 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1T5

Vancouver’s Favourite Bartending Course

We have been teaching many people how to bartend for more than 37 years in Vancouver. Over that time we have refined and updated our course to make sure students get the most knowledge. Cocktails need to be understood, not just memorized.

Ryan came into Vancouver from Powell River to learn what he needs to do behind the bar. He is about to take over management of a restaurant and wants to get behind the bar. He sees opportunity in revising the standard cocktail list, plus putting together feature cocktails. The tourist crowd this summer going by the Shingle Mill Pub will see this former english teacher mixing some fantastic drinks.

Ivan currently works the back of the house at a Japanese restaurant here in Vancouver. He is an eager guy and it won’t be long now before he is slinging drinks and making tips.

Ivan, yes we had two Ivan’s in this class, was interested in learning a bunch of new cocktails so he could entertain friends and family. Ivan’s new favourite cocktail is now the amaretto sour.

John has been serving and bartending for a couple years at White Spot. He wants to get into making more cocktails, instead of just pouring beer and wine. John had a few bad habits we had to break, but is now ready to take on the world with his new cocktail knowledge.

Lynne came up to Vancouver from Washington State just to do our bartending course. As a small business owner, and community centre volunteer she felt she really needed to know how to make a great martini.

We are Vancouver's Favourite Bartending School!