Serving It Right Certification

Serving It Right Certification

Serving It Right is the British Columbia Government’s mandatory alcohol server training program. Every person that serves alcohol in the province, must be familiar with the program and have this certificate. One of the first questions every hiring manager will ask is, “Do you have your Serving It Right Certificate?”. We can help you get this certificate!

Serving It Right in BC

The goal of the Serving It Right program is to educate servers of their legal responsibilities when serving alcohol. Imagine a scenario where you a serve a customer 4 cocktails in 2 hours. That same customer leaves your bar, or restaurant, then drives away and gets into an accident. You served that customer. Are you legally responsible in any way? All servers and bartenders need to know that answer.

In BC, the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch keeps a close eye on businesses. Establishments that employ non-certified workers can be issued a fine, liquor licence suspension, and/or termination of their liquor licence. Bars and restaurants will not take a chance on an hiring someone without this certificate. As a result, every restaurant and bar serving liquor in BC will expect you to have Serving it Right before applying for work as a bartender or server.

Key topics covered include:

The online certification course outlines what to watch for, and techniques you can use to prevent problems before they start.

  • What are the Warning Signs of Intoxication
  • How to calculate Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)
  • What is your Legal Liability, and how the laws of the Province of British Columbia are applied
  • How to Create and Maintain a Responsible Beverage Service Program in your workplace

Get your Serving It Right Certificate! We at Fine Art Bartending School will point out exactly what you need to do to complete the program. Complete the exam online at your convenience. You will complete an open-book 30 question exam. Achieve a score of at least 80% and you will receive your certificate. For you math whizzes, that’s about 24 out of 30 questions correct.

We do not offer Serving It Right as a stand alone program. The certificate is only offered as part of our Commercial Bartending Course. As an added bonus, the cost for the the SIR certificate is included in the course fee. Check out all our upcoming courses to see how you can get certified quickly.