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Knowledge is the Key to More Money

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spirits into tasting glassWine and spirits knowledge is an essential part of making money behind the bar. Although it takes a lifetime to really learn all there is about wine and spirits, we can really move students through the essential bits of knowledge in a few hours. Our instructors are truly passionate about teaching students on how to appreciate all alcoholic beverages. Over 2.5 hours we talk and taste a half dozen very different samples and discuss what to look for. We key in on what a knowledgeable guest might want so you also know how to sell that glass or bottle!

Where our Commercial Bartending Course outlines the basics on wine and spirits, these classes allow everyone to explore the nuances of either wine or spirits. Each class covers the basics of production, labelling, and the effect of aging on each spirit while tasting some select bottles that illustrate some unique characteristics. This is an excellent adder to the cocktails we focus on during the main course, and each bartender interested in making more money can really benefit from learning a bit about wine and/or spirits… without having to write a test at the end of it!

Regular price is $85. STUDENT SPECIAL only $49 per person. Bring along a friend too for this special price!