How to fill out your T2202A form

You registered for our Bartending Course at Fine Art Bartending and now that it is tax time you need the necessary forms. The tuition you paid for the class can be deducted from your income for the year and as a result you will receive a credit that could ultimately be a refund!

Three easy steps to filling out your form

  1. Add your name and address in the indicated field
  2. Enter the year you took the course in each of the two boxes indicated below
  3. Enter the total paid for the course in the TWO locations indicated below. You can find this amount on your receipt when you registered
  4. Print out your completed form, staple it to your receipt for the course and save it for tax time.
Tuition and Enrolment Certificate

When filing your taxes, be sure to include your filled out T2202 form as well as a copy of your receipt indicating how much you paid for the course. 

We also have new classes! The Wine and Spirits Education Trust has approved us to deliver their Level 1 and Level 2 Awards in Spirits. Have a look at upcoming dates and add the gold standard of certifications in spirits to your resume.

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