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The Best 32-Hour Bartending Course

Learn How to Bartend in TWO weeks!
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Our 32-hour Bartending Course Now Only $675 CAD, No Tax!

Certifying Bartenders from Vancouver and Washington State since 1981.

If you’re looking for a bartending course near Bellingham, you won’t find many options. Canada is a great place to learn, and with the exchange rate as it currently is… Americans must love coming north of the border. We have Vancouver’s favourite bartending school, and we make it a point to outline all the basics to get you started bartending. Fine Art Bartending School Vancouver has been teaching bartenders the longest of any bartending school in the area. For more than 40 years, we have put thousands of people from around Vancouver through our program… and even a few from Washington State.

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In around Bellingham, there are a number of small restaurants, golf courses and hotels that all need bartenders to make decent drinks. These small establishments want well trained staff, but that usually takes a lot of time and energy from managers that are stretched too thin to properly educate new bartenders. We at Fine Art Bartending School know what it takes to perfect those basic bar skills. You gain both knowledge and the confidence to get hired over the 2 week course. We constantly update our drink recipes to reflect both the classic cocktails and some more current drinks every bartender should know.  Come on up north of the border and see what Vancouver has to offer while learning to bartend in an awesome downtown location.

We Do Hands-On Bartender Training

Our program is focused on hands-on learning. We know that lots of practice eventually makes perfect. Through repetition, and structured learning we have students knowing 90+ drinks by heart in only 8 classes. Each class is taught in downtown Vancouver. We are only 5 minutes from both Waterfront and Granville Skytrain stations. Come on up for our weekend classes on Saturday, and stay the night. We are also just a stone’s throw from some of Vancouver’s best bartenders. On Sunday, you can join us again for classes and head back down to Washington in the afternoon.

Class by Class Breakdown

Knowledge is Key in any Bartending Course

Great bartenders know a little about everything. We get you started each day with cocktail practice, then dive into the background and history of a new spirit. We have found a way to balance knowledge and hands on practice so that you can really succeed behind the bar. Yes, we do talk a little about beer and wine but our focus is on all those fundamentally great cocktails. Of course we have to add in a few of our own stories from behind the bar, to give you an idea of what to expect when on the job.

lemon zest into red cocktail

The classes for our 32-hour Commercial Bartending Course are spread out over is eight 4-hours days. We immediately get you up behind our 22 foot long training bar and have you pouring shots in no time. By Day #8, and a lot of practice, you will have:

  • the renowned Fine Art Commercial Bartending Certificate
  • knowledge and understanding of about 100 different cocktails
  • the confidence to craft your own tasty cocktails
  • ways of selling for the house, plus ultimately making more in the way of tips
  • ideas on how to train support staff, plus knowing what to expect from your bartenders
  • plus a few new friends

Get your Responsible Alcohol Sales Training Certification

In Washington State, anyone selling alcohol needs to go through Responsible Alcohol Sales Training Course. In British Columbia we have something similar called ​Serving It Right certification. The material in both of these courses is all online now. We don’t pour over every detail of these two responsible serving programs, but we do like to inject some of our experiences. Spend your class time on learning how to be a great bartender. Learn how to make some great money. We want you making cocktails, improving your customer service, and learning how to make more tips! Definitely look into these responsible serving programs though. To be a successful bartender in Bellingham… you need to know how to sell. Every upsell and tasty cocktail made is the perfect opportunity to make more in the way of tips!

Class Times

DAY Classes11am – 3pm,
MON to THU for TWO weeks
EVENING Classes6pm – 10pm,
TUE to THU for Week #1 & 2
TUE & WED for Week #3
12pm – 4pm, for FOUR weeks

*Canadian Statutory Holidays may result in a shift classes to start Tuesday instead of Monday. Check all our upcoming class start dates to see out what works for you!

glowing clock with miller genuine draft cactus

The Weekend classes start roughly every four weeks. Since there isn’t a bartending course near Bellingham, we recently had a lady up from Oak Harbour each weekend. She spent each Saturday night in a new cocktail bar for 4 weeks in a row. Call it ‘research’ or ‘homework’. Cross the border on Saturday morning, come to class and stay the night at a place economical, clean and nearby, then join us again Sunday afternoon before heading home.

Send us an email if you don’t see dates far enough out! We generally have an idea of class starts for the upcoming year. Just send us a note.

Register Today For Only $675 CAD. Regularly $849 CAD.

We are Vancouver's Best Bartending School

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Choose Vancouver’s Best Bartender Training Program

We are Greater Vancouver’s favorite bartender training school. For 38 years, we have refined our bartending course to be the most complete program around. Just have a look at our recent reviews. With focus and determination, your cocktail mixing skills will be perfected and basic understanding solid. We want you to land that first bartending job, and be awesome at it. You will have the confidence to go out and get hired. You can start making money right away.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I would highly recommend this class. Very fun, engaging, and informative. Thank you guys for all you do. Came up from WA State and it soooo worth it! I had an amazing experience at the school. Chris did a fantastic job helping us learn the drinks and teaching us good bartending habits. The environment of the classroom makes you feel like you are working in a real bar. I learned so much and cannot wait to take more classes. Totally worth coming from WA State. Thank you for caring so much Chris.
Lynne M. from Camano Island

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Took the intro class and had a fantastic time. Chris, our instructor, broke up the class in 3 segments, building upon the different methods of mixing and allowed for adequate practice time. I was fortunate to pair up with John, a recent school graduate. He gave great tips and feedback. Extremely helpful to have an added instructor. I have a better appreciation for the “behind the scenes” (it’s not left-handed! Ha!) and now have some basic skills to apply at home. I am tempted to take the full course… I highly recommend this class!! Thanks Chris & John!! Cheers!!
Michelle M. from Oak Harbour

We are Vancouver's Favourite Bartending School!